"Bruma" is a story about reconstructing a memory. A story divided and distributed into pieces through a city. Everything tells. Each action, mechanics and element of the game is a piece of the story, and therefore, of the memory that the player is building.

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The mist envelops the city… the humans are gone, and together with them, an old woman… other animals try to dominate the streets and abandoned houses… The old lady’s friend, a female cat, must find her in the middle of an animal anarchy…

“Bruma” is a 2D exploration pltaform, with stealth and puzzle elements (metroidvania type), which aims to complete a map (or world) and decipher the hidden story of the game. The player will play with a female, white cat, who has lost track of her best friend, the elderly human Edubina, who has escaped from home by losing her memories. These memories have been scattered through the labyrinthine and dystopian port city of Valparaíso, where humans were forced to surrender their memories to the state. The cat must undertake a search through Edubina's memories, her own memories and those of the city, in order to find her old friend and make her remember.

Memories will give meaning to what spaces hide, and each memory will add a new meaning to a place, making of the "backtracking" a narrative experience, and not a tedium.

Luna is a cat who lives with her friend, an old human lady in an old rural house on the outskirts of a city, that can be barely seen behind a mysterious mist called "Bruma". Luna takes care of her friend: She searches for food, helps her with the mechanisms that make her house self-sustaining. But, above all else, she helps her to collect her memories, as the old woman is slowly losing them. Luna, armed with courage, must go through the Bruma, into the unknown, and enter a city that seems to be abandoned by humans and dominated by different animal clans, in order to recover the memories of her friend and with it, discover why the old woman decided to isolate herself from the outside world. If curiosity and feline stealth accompanies her, she will be able to delve deeper and deeper into the city, traveling through the memories of the old woman and discovering in her stories the secrets that lie between the junk, roofs and ruins.

“Bruma” is, above all things, a story of detachment, of overcoming fears and understanding that, sometimes, memories can be a light in the fog, or an anchor that does not allow you to move forward, isolating you from the present every one more time. Where have the humans gone? Who is the old woman? Who is Luna, a free animal or a human dependent pet?